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Age gracefully with a nonsurgical facelift

InstaLift Threads

Age-related facial changes like fine lines and noticeable wrinkles can be a thing of the past with InstaLift threads!

InstaLift Threads before and after

This FDA-approved technology provides immediate lifting of the tissue and regenerative effects on your skin. During the procedure, we place a completely dissolvable thread in your skin to lift in all the right places for immediate results. In addition to the immediate lift, your facial volume will be restored naturally and gradually as the suture promotes increased collagen production.

The best part of an InstaLift is there are zero incisions. The discreetly placed suture will dissolve after about 6 months and have positive effects for about 18 months. You’ll start noticing new collagen production 4 to 6 months after the threads are inserted. Some of our patients have reported that the benefits of an InstaLift continued for over two years.

What are InstaLift threads?

Conventional facelifts carry their fair share of risks, including anesthesia, incisions, discomfort, and prolonged recovery periods. Innovative InstaLift threads are the nonsurgical solution to achieve similar results as cosmetic surgeries.

Why consider InstaLift threads?


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