Non-Surgical Alternative to a Facelift.

Woman Who Has Had Instalift Threads

Who doesn’t want to age gracefully? The idea of graceful aging is seeing an uptick in popularity with every passing day.

None of us wants to fall prey to age-related facial changes like fine lines, noticeable wrinkles all over the face, saggy skin, and reduced facial volume.

Timely cosmetic intervention can help you delay the imminent signs of aging and you can look younger almost immediately.

But every cosmetic treatment has its fair share of risks, including anesthesia, incision, associated discomfort related to a surgical facelift, and prolonged recovery period.

To counter these issues, we offer a wide range of innovative non-surgical solutions to achieve similar results as conventional cosmetic surgeries.

What are Instalift Threads?

Our FDA-approved technology is known as Instalift Threads, designed to provide immediate an immediate lifting of the tissue and regenerative effects on your skin.

This natural solution is progressive with a long-term impact on your skin. We carefully place an absorbable suture in the internal fat layer underneath your skin where you want the lifting done.

You will experience an immediate lifting effect, and your facial volume will be restored naturally and gradually.

The best part of this zero-incision is that it stays on your face for a minimum of 18 months. Some of our patients have reported that the benefit continued for over two years, and the induction of increased collagen production.

Photo of Woman with Instalift Threads

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Our nurse practitioner will insert a thread beneath your skin. Then, we will use our years of expertise and skill to lift and reshape your skin surface subtly. The entire process is incision-free, and the suture gets expertly inserted with the help of a fine needle. 

Some of you may experience redness and bruising during the procedure, but you can cut down the risk of getting these side effects with a few simple steps.

  • Refrain from taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications before the procedure. (You can check with your physician or caregiver to find out more details about it)
  • Stop fish oil or other blood-thinning supplements intake at least a few weeks before the treatment
  • Pause on drinking alcohol at least a week before your treatment
  • A dose of oral arnica 3 days before and after the treatment will decrease bruising to a large extent

People dealing with aging skin but not ready or interested in the surgical facelift are ideal candidates for our minimally-invasive procedure.

If you want to rejuvenate your skin and get a youthful facial appearance with zero incisions, injections, or lasers, Instalift can help. Our cutting-edge technology will transform your skin by treating its laxity. However, our solution is the best-fit for people with moderate facial laxity but with moderate skin elasticity.

Instalift facelift technology will work best for those with average thickness.

InstaLift threads work like a double-edged sword by fulfilling two significant aesthetic results. It generates a high percentage of collagen in the inner layer of your skin to add facial volume. Our treatment also triggers an immediate effect by lifting your mid-face tissue and making your skin look much younger. You can see the noticeable impact of our procedures on your face, and the results get better with time.

You can enjoy the naturally younger look for around 18 to 24 months post which the sutures slowly dissolve and significantly delay the common signs of aging.

Why Choose Beauty & Grace Aesthetics?

We understand and appreciate the unique beauty requirements of every individual visiting our med spa. Our aesthetic expert will first understand your cosmetic needs before suggesting suitable treatments within your budget. We design a customized treatment plan for all our clients after carefully considering your suggestions, conditions, and concerns.

The non-invasive cosmetic treatments at Beauty & Grace Aesthetics are considered the most unique and advanced in the industry. Our treatments aim to rejuvenate your skin and bring back a youthful appearance. Our nurse practitioner provides a multitude of med spa treatments in a private, quiet, and comfortable atmosphere.