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The primary goal of Beauty & Grace Aesthetic’s Micro-Needling with Collagen PIN treatment is to improve your overall skin quality and texture, firm lax or loose skin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.

Collagen induction Micro-needling is a minimally invasive process to make a controlled puncture in your skin’s epidermal and dermal junction and encourages collagen’s growth. The process speeds up the development of your skin cell and initiates quick healing of facial scars. The treatment is among one of our patients’ favorites.

When we grow old, our skin also follows suit, and its collagen production naturally reduces. This procedure artificially induces collagen production in your skin cells and speeds up the regeneration process.

What is Micro-needling with Collagen PIN?

Micro-needling is an entirely non-surgical and minimally-invasive treatment performed by an automated medical device to create microchannel or controlled punctures in your upper skin layer.

The process is rejuvenating for your skin, and the microchannels slowly stimulate your body’s natural elastin and collagen production. The treated skin areas get naturally healed with increased circulation.

The newly developed elastin and collagen support your skin, mitigate the fine lines, wrinkles and improve overall skin health, texture, and quality. Micro-needling helps treat acne and other scars and improves your overall facial appearance.

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Micro-Needling with Collagen PIN FAQs:

Before going ahead with our micro-needling treatment, you should consult our highly trained nurse practitioner. We will assess your skin quality and underlying concerns, and suggest the type and speed of the treatment. The treatment starts with installing a disposable and sterile needle cartridge with 36 micro-needles to get inside the affected areas of your skin by causing painless micro-injury. You will undergo tropical anesthesia right before the treatment to numb your skin, causing almost no pain during the process.

There are many benefits of Micro-Needling, such as:

  • Speeds up collagen production in your skin cells
  • Improves your skin tone and texture
  • Reduces the wrinkles and fine lines
  • It helps unclog the large pores
  • Make the topical skincare products more effective
  • Safe to use in almost all skin types

Micro-needling with Collagen PIN treatment has minimal side effects. You may experience slight redness for a few days after the treatment. Our customers start seeing a noticeable change in their skin within 1-2 weeks after treatment.

You may also develop slight tenderness in the treated skin area along with facial redness, a lot like a light sunburn right after a micro-needling treatment. This temporary side effect should resolve on its own within 2-4 days of treatment.

Your skin will have marked improvement after the first session of micro-needling treatment. The results will start showing up within a few weeks of your micro-needling treatment session and can stay on your face for over six months due to the reproduction of new collagen.

Why Choose Beauty & Grace Aesthetics for Micro-Needling with Collagen PIN

Beauty & Grace Aesthetics has been acclaimed as one of the most innovative players in the aesthetic industry. We provide non-invasive and revitalizing skin care treatments using cutting-edge technology. Our skincare treatments will help you get refreshed and youthful skin. The best part is that all our med spa treatments are performed in a comfortable, private, and plush setup.

Beauty & Grace Aesthetics is Amy’s brainchild which she launched in 2019 after gaining rich experience in the aesthetics industry for over ten years. She has been a trained and accomplished nurse practitioner.