HA5 Is a Leading Rx Skincare Product

Woman Using HA5

Looking for a great finishing touch for your skincare routine?

HA5 from the leading skin solutions provider SkinMedica works wonder for all skin types!

If achieving even skin tone and combating aging is your agenda, HA5 should be a part of your regimen.

What is HA5?

HA5 has a rejuvenating element called hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin. It is a naturally occurring factor that binds the moisture in the skin to keep it soft and supple.

The presence of this acid minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

How Does HA5 Work?

As a person ages, the natural levels of the acid decrease in the skin. With age, the skin gradually loses hyaluronic acid, making it prone to sagging, lines, wrinkles.

Skin also loses elastin and collagen, causing the lips to lose their original color, definition, and contouring.

Regular usage of HA5 on the skin provides consistent nourishment to your skin. It allows the skin to make its own natural acids.

When you choose HA5, five cross linked hyaluronic acids work together to smooth the skin and provide continuous nourishment. The HA5 lip system is specially formulated to improve the appearance of lips and minimize fine lines.

Female HA5 Patient

Hydration is required to boost the appearance of the skin and minimize fine lines. HA5 provides the necessary hydration that the skin needs to maintain and increase it’s water levels.

With the presence of enough moisture, aging and its effects can be properly combated.

Use them with your daily skincare regimen to see the profound differences. Cleanse, tone your skin and then apply the HA5. Once done, you can apply a moisturizer and SPF for enhanced sun protection.

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Why Choose Us for HA5 Rx Skincare?

We use premium skincare products from SkinMedica that are perfect for most skin types.

SkinMedica’a HA5 is far superior to most other topical skin products that have hyaluronic acid as an ingredient.

HA5 is formulated with an exclusive Vitisensce technology developed by SkinMedica that uses Vitis flower stem cells to allow the skin to form its own acid.

When you use HA5, you get adequate hydration levels to result in healthier-looking skin.